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Hello everyone. Since i cant get help from CME i might a well come to a place i know i will get answers. I posted this on motu site but didn't add last part.


I got a CME uf7 keyboard. I am a rookie. So i wanted to start of with something before i spent a arm for something I didnt really know nothing about. But cme is having problems with there usb connection. I dont want to get into it. It's a lost cause at the moment.


But my question is i have a 2408mk3 and love it. But no midi port. I need to know what could i get to add to the mk3 so i can connect my uf7 to the midi port that will go thru my mk3. But im getting a laptop soon too. I was looking at the UltraLite. Would this be a good choice for me. So I will have a midi connection at home or if im want to just connect it to my laptop when im out on the road-rarely. Or should i start looking into Apogee's products because of Logic 8 compatibility. It seem if i want to have quality for years to come Apogee's is it. ( What i'v read) So i rather save money and get the correct thing instead of just getting something because it cheaper like i did with my uf7. Don't get me wrong i like my uf7 just a little problems here and there.


Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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