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Logic Pro: Virtual Instruments "digital popping"


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Hey everyone. Hoping someone can shed some light on this.


Running Logic Pro 7.2 on my Mac. MOTU Traveler. Using a controller to operate various internal instruments in Logic.


Regardless of the instrument I select, I'm getting this horrid digital "popping" noise, both during recording, playback or just whenever I play the instruments. It seems to be random (the pops will be in different spots on each playback), and it does not appear to be linked to a velocity/volume issue.


This is the first recording I am doing in 24/96 with Logic, all previous recordings (where I did not have this issue) were in 24/44.1. And oddly enough, if I open a new song or go into an old song that is in 44.1....this issue does NOT occur.


However, I don't have any idea what the root of this problem is, or how to solve it. I have a feeling it's tied to sample rate in some way.....



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