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Interfacing Max/MSP with Logic


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Hello there,


for a final project for school I made a vocal effects processor with Max/MSP. What I would like to do is route the incoming audio signal coming from my mic, going through my Max/MSP patch and into an Audio track in Logic. Is there any way to do this while being able to monitor the signal on Logic (I want to add other effects in Logic)?


I've tried using soundflower, and I'm able to record audio from Max/MSP into Logic, but it doesn't seem to want to output the incoming audio. Also, soundflower records audio from ALL system sound.. including that coming from Logic.


The end goal is to have my software synths playing in Logic at the same time as I'm singing (with the vocals going through the Max patch).


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I'm supposed to perform my song by Wednesday evening!



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