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Downlaod or downward spiral?


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With most people downloading music whether legally or illegally,what is the future for the music industry?

Radioheads latest release is definatley aimed at combatting the latter,but with a more full release planned next yeare(I heard there will be extra tracks) , is this just a gimmick? Or is it a case of the artist(s) taking matters in thier own hands?

OR - is it simply a change of format (as in vinyl to cd).and the majors are just panicking about lost revenue?

Are we heading toward an era where ALL artists release thier music via thier own web page as oppossed to signing to a label? What about marketing/promotion?


"The music industry is a buisness, and buisness is about making money" - Gene Simmons (BBC Radio 2 - 2003).

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