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Kontakt 3 AU and Leopard

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Just installed Kontakt 3 on my new Macbook and I'm not having any luck getting sequencer hosts to find the Audio Unit. I've reinstalled Kontakt, installed the 3.0.1 update, and still no luck. Logic 8, Sibelius 5, and even AULab are not finding the Audio Unit. There is a file called "Kontakt 3.component" in /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components but nothing seems to be able to find it.


Any advice? I've never had a problem like this before with other AU instruments


A few other points that may help:


1. Kontakt 3 works fine as a standalone

2. Sibelius, which also supports VST can see, load, and use Kontakt 3 as a VST

3. Logic 8 Audio Unit Manager does not see Kontakt 3 so it's not that the AU is failing the test - it just doesn't show up

4. Kontakt Player 2 AU is working just fine with GPO in Logic and Sibelius.

5. I followed more or less the same installation method on my main machine (Dual G5 with Tiger) and everything is working great there.

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Try this, drag the component file to the desktop from the component folder. Then drag it back in to the component folder. This updates the modification date of the folder. Then launch logic.


I've seen this issue before with other NI products, and the above seemed to fix the issue you're having.

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