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OK I made it over the first hurdle... I usually shy away from the environment, but I am starting to get the hang of it. I am trying to send note on messages to a fader, result affecting meta event #51 "go to marker." This will allow me to dictate my song arrangement the way vision was designed back in the day, also it will allow me to do arrangments on the fly at a live show using just a MIDI controller


Anyway, I recently have been using a fader in just this way to transmit MIDI CC as sysex data to an old synth So I know this is the type of concept that can be achieved.




it seems one fader only allows for one note on value, not a key range.

I can tell it to go to marker, but I can't seem to specify which marker...

also can someone explain the "value as" options as they pertain to this effort? They seem awfully broad and some don't make any sense whatsoever...



I can't quite imagine how I could sequence note on messages in the same linear playback order as the song, because it would be jumping around. it seems more as if it requires a separate sequence playback.. as I am working this out I am realizing maybe note on won't work, but some other actions might...

any ideas?



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I managed to assign go to marker to a knob, and I simply can go to 127 different markers by turning the knob. A little trickier, i am also able to use the buttons on my controller to go to particular markers, using nrpn messages.

That's all good, but neiteher of these options allows me to "sequence" these changes, so that I can bounce my completed songs offline.


I think If I set up as many note on faders as markers(sections) in my tune I will be able to use my controller's keyboard, but again, how can I "sequence" these actions?

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OK I figured everything out EXCEPT for how to sequence these moves.

I can use any MIDI cc from any source that will transmit. Knob, slider whatever.

but, let's say I insert a "go to marker" meta event at measure 33, in which the song then goes to marker 2, at measure 17. It will do that everytime it passes thorugh measure 33.

so how do you get around that?

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I apologize for all the entries.

Here's something I found on a recndom forum entry:

"Have you really explored the possibilities of TouchTracks?

You can assign different sequences to different keys, choose whether they loop to end or play once, or play while held etc etc. You can control whether each individual seq snaps to a division or not. You can even assign folders to keys. And many more parameters you can control.

If you want to control it with buttons, you can create note event buttons in the environment.


You need not even use music sequences, but have meta events [like 'go to marker number x' or whatever] To do this you need to make sure the sequence containing the meta event is muted, so it doesn't trigger when the spl passes it.

So, with the meta event sequence assigned to touch tracks, you can specify the event will be triggered on the next beat, or whatever."

how do you assign these go to marker events to respond to touch tracks?

how can you then sequence the touch track that contain go to marker meta events?

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