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Logic Pro workflow

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I find that mixing in the original layout vs the mixer window seems more efficient for me…also using Drum Machine Designer seems much better to me than the piano roll (although it’s seems there are things that are better in piano roll as well)…my question is, should I simply do and use what seems to fit me better or is there a “best” workflow? Thanks again for the awesome community 🫶🏼🫶🏼

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There is no best. There is only you. Work how it most makes sense for you to work, but also do spend time learning the various tools you have available to you, so you are better able to decide which methods are the best to use for your workflow and use cases.

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Yes I definitely agree with des99, do what works for you. Workflow is highly personal and only you know how to customize your workflow to work for your type of personality, the way your brain works, your set up, your style of music etc. 

I remember back when I started, a producer explained to me that sometimes, being a producer isn't about picking the best mic or finding the best compression settings for a vocal recording, it was about going to the nearest store to get some candles to create a cool vibe and get a better performance out of the singer. 🤩

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