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"Ctrl" Key driving me nuts!

Samuel 7

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Hi, can anyone help...


One of the functions I would use most frequently in Logic 7 was the ctrl key - I can't find a way of emulating it in L8.


Ctrl + Alt is a fine alternative for zooming, but in L7 when the ctrl key was held down you could slide a region around without it snapping to the next bar/beat/frame etc.


Is there another way to achieve this - or better yet, a way of turning off the ctrl key pop up menu?

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Thanks Molurus,


Do you know if there's any way to do this without clicking first? I don't mean to be perdantic, but when I'm comping audio it would be great to just hold down a key the entire time. As I would do in L7.


As it is, it seems to be a bit of a juggling act making sure that you always hit the mouse first.


I really apreciate your help on this...

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