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Cant decide on an interface I want something small.

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Well I have spent all weekend reading and researching. I have a new Macbook 2. gig 1 gig ram. My current at home rig is a Motu Traveler with an ADA8000 and Logic LS8 and Tracktion 3 (when it works : )


But I need a small interface to take on the road with me. The Protools stuff is not an option too much money for the mini and its still usb 1.1.


Then there is the Firebox it isnt playing well with the new macbook firewire port something about not enough power to turn it on. Which is weird because it turns on my Traveler just fine. And it supposedly doesnt have enuff gain to take on the SM57 which is what I use at work all the time.


Not sure what else is out there in the sub 400 range that is firewire powered small and works well with macbooks. any ideas


what about the UX2 by line 6

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