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Cannot get Mackie Logic Control to update firmware..


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I moved my setup to a new location and now when I boot up my logic control its just a blue screen. I've found its firmware has been blanked. I did some research and it seems emagic used to send users an old .mid file to fix it, but that was long ago. Now all I have is a 1.02 firmware .mid from Mackie, but every time I go to play the song it says error code 1 right away.


Does anyone know how to fix this? I think I turned off MTC and the midi clock, but still no go or not sure i did it right. Does anyone know how I can correct this within Logic pro 7? I run logic pro 7 with a Unitor 8 - LC is on port 1. Any help would be appreciated! Ive never had to do anything with logic control before this, but turn it on!

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