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Can LP7 edit mp3s without first converting them to AIFF/WAV?


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Can you work with mp3s in Logic or does it have to convert them to uncompressed files first? I tried WaveBurner as well but like Logic, it wants to convert the mp3 first


I used my Zoom H2 to record a 90mins show. The file was recorded as an mp3


On my desktop, the file plays in QuickTime. Its size is 200 MB but when I open it in L7 it grows to 890 MB :? and I notice it's now an AIFF :o


I just want to cut the concert in half so I can get below YouSendIt's upload limit of 100 MB 8)


Thank you for your help (as always)

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I use Compressor. Unfortunately, I don't think you can buy it without buying the whole Logic Studio or Final Cut Studio bundle.


I've only skimmed the surface, but find it invaluable when doing any lossy compression.


There must be another program out there...

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