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Does Digidesigns ADAT Bridge work with LOGIC ???


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I have Logic on One of my G5's & Pro Tools on the other g5. I want to be able to Mix real time in ProTools (5.1) coming in from LOGIC on the other CPU via the ADAT Bridge.


Is This Possible?


I want to set the output of each track in LOGIC to seprate ADAt Channels & have corresponding tracks in PT on input mode... So I can Monitor through PT (In Surround) from Logic through the ADAT Bridge. Using input mode untill I need to hard-Bounce to ProTools for the final MixDown.


Will LOGIC read digidesigns hardware (MixFarm Cards + ADAT Bridge) ???

I hear the M-Audio ProFire works well, but I Already own the ADAT bridge, so I'm willing to give it a try.


Someone Please let me know whats up with the compatibility between=

1. g5 & MixFarm Cards.

2. Logic & Digidesign hardware (ADAT bridge)

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Logic does work with Digidesign hardware. PT Mix works with Logic up to v6.x AFAIK. Setting up Logic to work with Digidesign hardware is decribed in Apples TDM setup guide.


However, the ADAT bridge needs to be connected to a PT Mix card (or a legacy port on a 192), so it won't work with Logic alone.


What you could do is get a ProFire for your Logic rig and attach the ADAT Bridge to your ProTools rig. Connect the 2 with 2 ADAT cables. This will give you 16 channels, which may not be enough for your purposes - this is only 8 stereo channels. But you could of course get more ADAT bridges.



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