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Input Assignment in MAC OS X (Mac Pro + MOTU 828s)

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Hi Everyone!


I have a question for you all and Id really appreciate an answer as it is BUGGING the hell outta me! It is difficult to explain so BEAR WITH ME!


I have 2x MOTU 828MKII Firewire devices connected to a Mac Pro running Logic Pro 7.1


For some BIZARRRRRRE reason Logic has reassigned all of my software input channels to different ones than they used to be. In the audio->drivers part of the preferences I have an "Aggregate Device" which is the two MOTUs together. I want to be using purely the analog inputs (I dont use SPDIF or ADAT at all). How can I on the software level reassign the input channels to what I want them to be?


EG. Currently I have 1-2 as the Mic/Instr inputs on the FRONT of the 1st MOTU




3-10 as 1-8 Analog Inputs round the back


what I want is for my second Motus analog inputs to START (at the software level) from 11-18 in Logic. How do I assign these? ATM its like 26 or something ridiculous and I have a selection of 44 inputs in Logic? WTF?!!!!


The reason I want this is because in my studio the live room is routed through the wall via a wallbox into a Soundcraft Live mixing desk and it makes it SO much easier if all the inputs are assigned the same in Logic. Does this make sense? Many thanks for your time!







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