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Loop Browser is driving me crazy!!!


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Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend!

I'm so happy and amazed with L8, that posting something like this, kind'a hurts my feelings :lol: But a man got to do what a man got to do, right?


1 - I open the Loop Browser

2 - On the View option I choose Jam Pack 1

3 - I click All

4 - All the loops from that Jam Pack collection appear at the bottom

5 - I am happy!

6 - Do the same steps (2-4) for the following Jam Pack collections

7 - Still happy untill I reach Jam Pack Symphony Orchestra, because now, when I click All, I get a list of ALL the Apple Loops in the system (or something alike), not only those for that Jam Pack!!! And this happens with Jam Pack World Music too, and also for all the Other collections I add.


This is really bizarr. I would sort of understand if this happened with the Other collections, because of something I might have done wrong, right? But what about the Symphony Orchestra and World Music Packs? They are factory ready, and were installed exactly the same way, at the same time and at the exact same place as Jam Pack 1, Remix Tools and Rhythm Section...


This is killing me!!!!!!


Any ideas?


Thanks a lot.

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I recall going through something similar shortly after installing Logic 8. It had to do with me wanting to uninstall Jam Pack 1 and reinstall it in the .caf format. There where problems with the loop browser that were solved by dragging the files into the browser and reindexing them but I can't recall exactly how I did this. I'll look through my on file links to see if I can find the answer, but if you can search on this forum or the Apple Logic forum you'll probably find the answer. - Emile
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