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Dragging Loops To Arrange = Icky ScreeeEEeeEeeEE!!


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Well, that's one way of putting it. First up, I get that old problem of it turning everything to surround, putting a prelisten channel into my mixer and slaying Outputs 1-2.


I've had that before. No sweat.


Worse though is that, the last couple of times I've tried to drag a loop directly into the Arrange page (into the empty space below my last track), all I hear is "CCccCCCcchuck!! ScreeEeeeEEEe! GrrrRRrrrrgh" upon playback! It's a kinda white-noise-death-hell-vomit-end-of-the-world thing, which isn't REALLY the sound I'm after. Then Core Audio crashes and I have to kick the dogs to cheer myself up.


The loops play just FINE in the Loop Browser, so why do they commit brutal slaughter when released into the wilds of my arrangements?






Robin x


PS: is the problem something as simple as my trying to play a surround loop within a normal stereo project? If so, is there any way of telling which loops are surround and which are for HUMANS WITH TWO EARS in the Loop Browser itself? If so, I'll just avoid the fancy ones designed for those people with extra lobes. Fangsch!

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