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Velocity edits - Drum Specific


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I also use Bfd for drums. All you need to do to adjust any velocity is while you're in the piano roll editor simply use the velocity tool and click on whichever hit you want adusted and go either up or down with the mouse. You should see the color of the note change as you drag as well as hear a difference in the note being struck. It doesn't matter if two or more notes are struck at the same time as the hits are all independent of each other in terms of their velocities. Also, I'm not sure if this is just a glitch with my BFD app but in the BFD plugin itself, in order for me to be able to adjust velocities I have to set the dynamic wheels on all my individual kit pieces all the way down. This could be just a glitch with mine though I'm not sure.


Anyway... hope this helps

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