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thank you humberto


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screwed...............literally - with a 3" nail.


Started putting wieght on it yesterday - Plaster off on the 20th dec leave for Santiago on the 1st January


Consultant said she could make me a nice travel cast!


leg in plaster with 3 kids in south america for eight months with s#!+ spanish


Man I can't wait - I love a challange


Speaking of which lets have a few more matchbox challenge pieces I want to see how other people approach it

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¡Molurus usted lleva calcetines de Madre y cabalga una escoba!



I wear Mother's socks... I beg you pardon?


lol, last thing I wanted was to offend anyone boys and girls, I'm married to a Brit who is responsible of my English being half decent through endless corrections for the last 7 years, that's why they're no big deal for me, that was all, a mindless little wink.

Let's move on shall we?

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