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I just installed L8 and while Logic was searching all my UA plugs I had the "black screen of death" appear and had to restart!


After the restart, Logic opened fine, but my third party AU plugs are nowhere to be found to be available in L8 (as I imagine they need to be scanned in). I try and call up Audio Units Manager from the Preferences menu and nothing happens. Nothing appears.


How can I scan my AU plugs and get them all up and going after this initial mishap?


Thanks so much in advance!

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Just out of curiosity, what interface are you using?


When I was running out of my Digi002R, Logic would give me that "black screen of death" almost every three times I quit out of Logic... although, once I rebooted the machine, everything was working fine. Not sure what happened to your AU Manager.

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could be that on of the plugins is very bad which when AUVAL touches it it crashes.


try again and you can see which one is the culprit while it checks. itll be the last one before crashing :)


a more pro approach is to scan one by one.


create anew folder named unused plugins in the audio plugins folder and transfer all the AU to there.

copy one to five plugins at a time and start logic to do the AU manager (AUVAL) close logic

after they pass then the next 5 and so on.

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You can try dragging this file to your desktop -


(Your Mac's) User Name/Library/Caches/com.apple.audiounits.cache


Then Restart.


Logic should want to rescan all your plugins again. Authorization may be needed for some of the plugs.


If this changes something for the worse, put the file on the Desktop back where it came from and restart.


I'm pretty sure this worked for me when I went to LP8.

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