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New mac pro?

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Anyone else here holding out for a new mac pro??


Will sell my imac 24" on the 10th december 2007 but then i don't know what to do until the new mac pros are announced and I don't really want to buy a current one :(

I've been ready to get one for ten months now.

When the 8 cores came out, I was so close to getting one but I did not like the benchmark reports.

Welcome to the Mac Pro waiting club were you'll find many sharing the same pain you are going through.

Well, at least you just started as oppose to my 10 months of hunger.


expect to see a new Mac Pro within the next two Months since Intel has new chips available.

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Yeah ... count me in the club, i've been waiting to get mine now sense about April ... I sold my FW800 G4 in early April... thought i could make-do with my MacBook for the time being but went nutz with wires so i bought a 1.66 mac mini to hold me over. The Mini does it job, but I have not asked too too much of it.
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SO! What are chances of seeing a new/updated mac pro on the 15th at MacWorld? :twisted: :twisted:

*Drops to his kness!!!

....Please!!!!!!!! :? :oops: :D


Well, Penryns are out, and Apple bought SOME. :lol:


I'm on schedule for one in March, and I'm sure they'll be out by then.


- zevo


Well im on schedule for one NOW! :twisted: :twisted:

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Patience, patience. They'll get here. :D


They're definitely coming, and more likely sooner than later, since the Mac Pro line is hopelessly out of date, pricing-wise, from anything else on the market, IMHO. Chips are two generations old on all but the 8-core, and a generation old with that, and they've (the chips) dropped price twice since the original Mac Pro release, with no price adjustment on the Apple side.


Whatever you do, don't buy one today.


- zevo :lol:

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I tortured myself by not buying the Clovertown 8 core Mac Pro to wait for the Penryn based Mac Pro.

The year 2007 have been a slow year for me because of this wait. :cry:

I cant wait any longer they must come out with it at Macworld Expo.


I was so sure that Apple would release new Penryn based Mac Pros on Jan 15th

but I'm a little baffled of why Apple have not reduced the prices on their current Mac Pros.

They've been riding on these prices for over a year now.

So this might mean that they are not ready to release a new Mac Pro

or the new Mac Pros might have a pretty hefty price tag on them.

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The only thing that the price of the Mac Pro means is that Apple doesn't drop prices on existing machines (barring a major pricing screw up like the iPhone).


I actually think the next Mac Pro line will be almost entirely 8-core machines, with maybe the lowest model being a quad. And I think the price line will stay the same, or drop by 10% or so at each level: $1999, $2499, $2999 & $3500. Probably something like that.


Better save your money, 'cause they ain't cheap, are they?


But, frankly, if I can get an 8-core machine for $2500, that's pretty sweet. I'll ditch every other home machine I have, and run OS X, Windows, and Linux from one machine... 64bit and flying. That's $800 per machine, if you look at it that way, which is more than competitive. Just have to beef up the memory to something respectable... like 8GB to start with.


I'm going to be SO broke. :roll:


- zevo

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Count me in on the Mac Pro waiting club. The rumor sites are all pretty much expecting a Macworld release, and I'm counting the days until the 15th. Hopfully it will be part of Jobs' keynote and will go on sale immediately. (did I mention that I'm counting the days?) It really wouldn't make sense to go past Macworld without an update. When the Mac Pro was first released it was a very good price (compared to buying the parts from Newegg and building the equivilent PC). Now its extremely overpriced, and its obvious that Intel has artificially kept the price of the Woodcrest Xeons inflated for Apple.


Think about this: When the Mac Pro was first released a 2.66 ghz dual core Woodcrest Xeon (the Mac Pro has two) was over $1000. Right now a 2.66 quad core Harpertown (Penryn) Xeon goes for $529 at Newegg. It will be interesting to see what the price point of the new line is.


NAMM starts later that week also......what a week!

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Well, my friends, don't get too excited. My new Mac Pro arrived on Fri and I am having major issues. I'm a heavy UAudio user, and I couldn't wait to get away from the AMD-8131 PCI chipset that is supposedly problematic with the UAD-1 cards. I am having more issues with the new computer than I ever had with the dual G5. In fact, it's completely unusable at the moment. I can't even play back a project with 5 tracks of audio and a handful of UAudio plugins. See my post on the UAudio forum for more info.


I am deeply concerned. This is the exact opposite of my expectations.

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