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Vocal Editing without Punching in


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Hi all


I believe I read a post a while back about a technique that I employ when I am doing vocals sometimes and thought it deserved some more attention. I know sometimes people say that they can't get the punch on the fly command to work properly so this is a way of doing the same kind of thing without actually punching in. First I make 2 Identical tracks with the same plugs and everything on them. Next I have The vocalist sing the first verse for example and record that on the first track. Then I'll listen back and decide if well.... maybe this one word or phrase isn't popping the way it should be. So I then hi light the phrase, cut it out and record enable the second track and record them singing the phrase on the second track. I leave the first track on so that when I record on the second track they have a lead in with their vocal part.Then, after they are done and we have a good take I simply cut the part on the second track and move it onto the first. It's a simple way of accomplishing the auto punch without actually doing an auto punch. Remember... there is no rule saying that you have to record everything on a single track. You could do this for the entire track. Now, for example, lets say that you have the entire track done. Then if you want you could do the same procedure to get another good take really fast and maybe end up with 3 or 4 GOOD takes in all. Then just pack those takes in a take folder and use the comping feature To get your master take. I actually did this 2 track system even in PT because it really is a fast way to work and you don't need to worry about any punching features. I really like using this in conjunction with the take folders better than with PT playlists. It seems to flow much better. Of course, if you prefer to autopunch and have no qualms with it then feel free to ignore me. Most people do.




Have a good one :

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