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Melodyne Plugin


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Hi all


I was just wondering if anyone uses the melodyne plug in for audio stretching purposes. I was looking at the New Pro Tools audio stretching algorithm and it looked pretty similar to what melodyne can do. I'm more curious about this than anything because I just recently got the plug in and was wondering how good this feature was compared to PT.



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I've always been a bit confused by the Melodyne puglin's stretching - you can grab the end of a 'blob' and stretch it, for sure, but not (in my experience) to a very great degree of accuracy. In most cases, you'd want to expand or contract a blob in accoradance with the grid to help tighten things up or get an out of tempo loop in time. But (and it could just be my failings) Melodyne just doesn't let me snap my stretches or contractions to the grid like that. Every length-change always comes out a bit too short or a bit too long, so I tend not to use Melodyne for this. It's probably my fault, but it's no Elastic Audio, that's for sure.


Regarding the actual algorithm, well that' s brilliant. It's as good or better than anything else out there - which very few artifacts appearing etc. So no worries on that count.


I've recently been impressed by Ableton's Elastic editing - it's a piece of cake to find a free Lite version of Live lying around and it does pretty much everything you need in this area - leaving you free to make your actual MUSIC on Logic!

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