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roland vdrum with logic pro


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Hi can anyone using roland vdrums with logic pro8 help me with this? i have a vdrum kit with a TD20 module. i wanna know if i could use the pads via the midi I/O on the TD20 to trigger sounds FROM ultrabeat and send it BACK to the TD20 and out of each direct out? if so could anyone post a procedure on how to do it? like does the audio out come FROM the TD20 or from the computer? coz i'd still like to have the direct outs so i can mix each drum individually. any help would be awesome. thanks.
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I'm not sure what your trying to do here. It doesnt seem to make any sense.


the Pads trigger a midi signal that the module converts to a sound (using it's internal sounds) or sends the signal via a midi cable to the computer to trigger sounds there.


So far so good - your choices here are either to send out a stereo mix of your drums mixed internaly in the TD20 - This takes up 2 outs of your TD20. and two ins of your soundcard


Or you can send out individual drum sounds on each of the 12 or so outs available to you to your sound card - This option is dependent on you having enough ins on your sound card. I know I used to pan drum voices hard left or right out of my TD10 meaning you can reduce the ammount of outs by half - may be worth researching for you.


Anyway the sound is now at your computer - you seem to want to send a stereo signal back to the TD20 from the computer and split it there to individual outs - this is not possible - Nothing can split up/de mix a stereo signal.


If you must send sound back to the TD20 (and I'm unsure why you want to) how many aux ins does the TD10 have. This number will tell you how many individual channels you have to work with. Again if they are stereo you can double the number you have by sending the drum voices hard panned left and right from the computer.



Your main problem is going to be Latency - the time it takes for the midi and audio signals to be processed - latency + drums + frustration.


Your best bet to avoid this is to take the sounds directly out the back of the TD20


any clearer :?

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I agree that sending Ultrabeat sounds out of the computer only to have them come back to the computer doesn't make sense. You can route individual UB sounds to individual channel strips from within Logic: just use a multi-output instance of ultrabeat. In the mixer, click the '+' sign on the UB channel strip to create an individual output, and assign the desired sound to that output in UB's sound assignment section (on the left, after the pan pots).
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