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Third party AU's in logic

Stevo Da Devo

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I'm having some trouble getting Logic 7 to recognize a NI plug I've just acquired. I've installed and registered the plug-in but when I try to patch it into an instrument track it doesn't offer the plug-in.


I've successfully installed and used other plug-ins from various manufacturers, including NI, but this seems a no-go, and the reference manual offers nothing in the way of help.


Is there a preferences option available within logic, or is there some way of configuring AU's within OSx?


I know that Logic recognises the particular plug-in, as when I first installed it and opened a session I was informed that it could load because of an incorrect serial number, which I've since remedied.


Any help would be very much appreciated.


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My NI experience has been that even a minor deviation from the required installation procedure can screw the pooch. Make sure:


- you're using the latest versions of everything, including Service Center.

- you apply software updates in the order they were released.

- you run any stand-alone players at least once. This is necessary for NI's authorization routines to bless the sample libraries.


East West Symphony Orchestra Platinum Pro XP was especially difficult for me to get working. I lost count of how many times I reinstalled its apps, and had to reinstall its samples (160 GB) at least twice. Ultimately the trick turned out to be pasting the authorization code from Service Center's "Product Overview/Product Details" screen into the corresponding field while running each respective module's "Registration" application. Then the stand-alone player had to be run at least once before Kontakt would recognize a module's registration. Once done, the instruments loaded successfully.


Hope this helps.

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Depends on the package, but generally speaking, there's nothing easy about getting NI stuff to work. If there's an updated anything available, definitely install and try it. I wouldn't reinstall your sample library except as a last resort. Also be aware that some libraries also have updaters (e.g., Garritan Personal Orchestra), and that these updaters may only become available to you from NI after you authorize the original installation.


If there's a stand-alone player, try running it. If it loads instruments, it's likely the corresponding plug-in will also work from that point on. If the plug-in still doesn't work, try the cut-and-paste method I used with EWQLSO, supposing there is a registration app in your package. If it still doesn't work, you're probably looking at reinstalling things.


I've found that you've got to remove everything NI puts on your boot drive for a reinstall to be successful. The way I've learned to do that is to run File Buddy and search for stuff with related names. NI deposits files all over the place, and it's a giant PIA to look for them manually.


There's a lot of info on the NI User Forum. Do a search on a few pertinent keywords, and you'll turn up posts from people who've experienced installation/authorization difficulties. It's tedious, but it's the only way I ever got some NI products to work. NI's email tech support is slower than you'd believe possible. Their phone support will help, providing you know what you're talking about and communicate with them clearly.


Good luck, sport.

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I couldn't get NI's Kontakt to come up at all in Logic after I first installed it.


Then I went back and reinstalled, checking CUSTOM install and discovered that the default installer doesn't include Audio Units. You have to make sure you check the box in order for the AU to be installed.


Once I did that, Logic had no trouble at all finding it.

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