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gain structure


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Basically Logic's audio engine uses a 32 bit floating point audio engine that allows to have values above 0dBFS without clipping as long as you stay in the 32 bit floating point domain (Logic and most 3rd party AU plug-ins).


That's, however, a VAST subject. You can do a search on "32 bit floating point" for more debates on the topic.

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can some one explaing the metering to me in logic?


why do the numbers go from - numbers (below zero) to positive numbers and then over red numbers. kind of strange i have never seen this in any other daws.

usually over zero is cliping


Nick, what you're referring to is a weird visual phenomenon with Logic.


Basically, all numbers above -10DBFS are shown with one decimal point. To make room for the decimal point, they had to get rid of the negative sign. It's still negative, until the signal reaches 0DB. Once it goes over that, it then becomes red and the numbers are in the positive... now you can read what David said above.

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thanks for the answer.

the only reason i asked was because the difference in what logic was saying and what my mastering plugin was saying was different.



and yes obviously use your ears first. just trying to get a handle on logic. i have been using Protools since it first came out and digital performer for just as long. so some of the things with logic are new to me. i am used to every one asking me questions. now it's reversed until i clear up some things


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