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Argghh - Holiday Party


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David - please don't move this yet, I'm in a bit of a jam.


So, I will keep this short and sweet.


Being the Creative Director here at work, (yes, I do have a job!) My boss has assumed since I am also a budding musician & recording arts semi-professional that somehow that makes me a karaoke guru.


So I have to locate Mac based software so I can run the office karaoke stage this year. Damn it!


Ok, so I have no idea were to begin.


What software?


Where do I get karaoke formated MP3's?


What is this going to cost?


Sorry to go WAY of topic but forum, I need some love here.


HELP! :(

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Sorry, late to the game as usual!


Ally, I don't know if you found anything useable (or any files to use *with* it), but a quick search for 'karaoke software mac' brought up plenty of ideas. The best seeming to be http://www.kjams.com/


Like everyone else, I'd recommend just hiring some old guy in. Hey, then you'll get to enjoy the evening (as much as is possible with karaoke) rather than working at the party!

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Oh come on Wooden boy don't tell me you don't do that in moments of desperation too.....


Talking of old men do you know happen to know a Mr Mick Brennan - wooden boy.


runs a studio in scotland (which I apreciate is a big place but he's kind of larger than life and reasonably well known) - used to tour manage and engineer for me -

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Yeah,there are lots of Poles in GB these days,and they're relatively cheap,apparently.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Classic joke...


I wouldn't mind a Pole doing a Karaoke. Probably about the same as an old man, only with less letching at the young 'ladies'.

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