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Powercore and Liquid Mix Firewire?

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Hi guys, I'm currently using the Powercore Firewire and was thinking of buying the Focusrite Liquid Mix. My soundcard is an RME internal card so it would only be these two running via Firewire, would there be any problems with bandwidth? Anyone using both these at all?


I'm using a DP2.7 PPC G5.


Thanks in advance

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Hey there,


I own the Liquid Mix, you most definitely need to put it on its own firewire bus. Meaning you have to get a new Firewire card, put it in your machine, and connect the Liquid Mix and ONLY the Liquid Mix to it.


It doesn't play nice with others.


But once you get it going it works great, and sounds pretty good. Its also nice to have the controller part of it for EQing. Plus now I think Guitar Center is running a promo, you get the expansion card for free, that gives you more plug in instances at higher sample rates.


Hope that helps


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