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Logic pro: sound/speaker output


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recently i've bougth a "Lightsnake" Its a device that can be plugged in via usb and has a mono jack on the other side. basically it just makes u able to record a guitar on your mac. With garageband i managed to record the guitar, and have the sound comming from my stereo boxes.

When i plug in the device garageband regonises it, but it sees the device as a sound in and output. in garageband i can change the output to my speakers again so i can hear my stuff.


However in Logic Pro, i can record my guitar, but can't hear it. I've looked trough all the settings but i cant seem teh find the option to change the main sound output to my speakers and i think it's stuck on the usb device now.

Changing the sounds in the mac os preferences doesnt work either.


Can anyone help me how to do this? or is there simply no way?


Kind Regards,


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Thanks for the fast reply.

i did everything that was needed and added only the input to the new device. in garageband it shows up and works fine, but in logic pro it only shows line in, mic in, and unindentified audio device, but not the device i created :(


any other thougths, or just a way to change the sound ouput like u can in garageband ?

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You can change the device in your audio preferences (click the Preference icon in the Toolbar and choose Audio).


But if you could make the aggregate device happen that would be easier than always having to switch between both devices.


I added in the aggregate device, but it does not show up in there. However it does show in garageband, logic pro only shows mic in, line in, and unknown usb audio device.


but there is no way to change the output, just like in garageband? because i think logic pro thinks the usb device is an Audio in and out, and thats why i get no signal to my normal sound output

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And that's why you need an aggregate device. To access both input and output at the same time, even though they are accessed through different devices. What's that unknown USB device, isn't that your aggregate device? What did you name it? What if you change its name?


If it still doesn't work, try initializing the preferences in Logic: Logic Pro > Preferences > Initialize All Except Key Commands.

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