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External Sampling Motif 8 into EXS instruments?


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We have a Motif 8 in our studio, yet the producer I work with is used to using Logic's internal instruments (cause they are quick, sound great, easily malleable,and can be recorded seamlessly within the DAW) So, we are virutally using the Motif as a $3,000 midi controller, and that just drives me up the wall. He is the type not to want ot take the time to record the audio track with the midi track to use the Motif sounds, because he is impatient and used to the internal instruments.


My question:


What is the fastest and most reliable way to sample Motif pianos, drums etc. into the EXS as virtual instruments so that he has the ability to use them just like if they were internal instruments. We need to be able to use the full midi spectrum of velocites and such for each sound. Is there any full proof way of getting these sounds into the sampler and having every thing work as if they were internal instruments? I have sampled before but just vocal samples for hooks and such, so I know about the zones etc., but is there anyone who has experience sampling entire pianos and drum kits like this?


Detailed instructions would help greatly, Thanks !

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