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Environment output routing


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I have a question regarding the output and specifically how the routing works. Ive been trying to do some simple tranformations of cc going in to an instrument. For example, I used a transformer to quantize cc 1 values for a instrument so that I would have only 3 different numbers instead of 127. The controlling of the instrument works fine, that's not my problem. What I want is for the transformed values to show correctly in the event list. But if I put the transformer in the instrument routing, I dont see the effect in the event list for the region I just recorded.


If, on the other hand, I put the transformer between the input object and the to Recording & Thru chain I see the correct values in the event list.


Does this mean that putting the transformer in the general input-output chain is the only way to see the result of the tranformation in the arrange(ie the event list or the matrix editor)?


If I need to explain myself better dont hesitate to ask


Thank you



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ok, so does that mean that the midi controller "signal" goes through the "input object"-"to recording and thru" and then to the instrument objects?


I ask this because I want to control exs instruments with cc and pitchwheel at the same time, controlling different articulations of an instrument. I then wish to be able to change the articulations in the event list if needed. So by creating transformers that limits the cc and the pitchwheel value to the number of articulations that the exs contains, I could be able to easily change the articulations in the event list just by changing the values.


But since I would have other instruments in my project that would need pitch controlling, I would like to limit the transformation of the pitchwheel values to the exs instruments with the different articulations.


Does this make sence? Is it possible?



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