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Mapping Transport Keys to Axiom 61??


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Hey all,

Very new to midi controllers/piano etc. I've figured out how to map the sliders of the Axiom to volume, pan etc but I can't get the transport keys (Stop, Play, Record, Rewind) to map to the midi controller. Any help would be most appreciated.




Your best bet would be to search this forum for topics concerning Key controller assignments and 'LEARN' mode.


Most of all be patient because it will be very frustrating until you catch on.


See this thread:



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Just go to the toolbar at the top of the Arrange window Settings>Synchronization>MIDI> tick Listen to MMC input and the transport on the Axiom should work as expected.


I am using an Axiom 61 and I followed your instructions and the transport (Play, Record, etc.) is still not working. Is there anyway to troubleshoot the problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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