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Transposing Apple Loops


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I must be missing something basic, but I don't understand the logic of what Logic is doing here. I have 2 Apple loops, a midi loop with a key of C and an audio loop with a key of A, and the project key is C. Both loops audition in the correct key if I change the project key. However, when I drag both loops into the project and then subsequently change the key, the audio loop will change to the new key correctly but the midi loop will not.


I have tried dragging the midi loop in with the project set to different keys and the midi loop will always come in at the correct key, but it will not change. "No transpose" is not checked on the midi loop. I tried the same experiment in GarageBand, and as I expected, both the audio and the midi loop would change to reflect the correct key when I changed the project key.


Why won't the midi loop reflect the project key change in Logic?

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