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Audio to picture in Logic Pro 8


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What's the best format of video to run while laying down audio / music to a cut sequence. I edit video in Final Cut Pro, color correct in Color & output as Pro Res 422 (all I frames), but this is a very large file & needs most of the bandwidth of Firewire 800. I'm thinking of down rezzing the files to say 320X240. It's a pretty big render & conversion, so I'd like to know for sure before hand.
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Logic really likes DV. Doesn't like .mp4's or H.264 very much. You should be able to handle large DV files at 640x480 or 720x480 no problem, esp with FW 800.


However, I think there's a 4G limit on the size of DV files for playback in Logic. I could be wrong about that tho. Perhaps someone else can chime in...

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