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My Logic is haunted..who ya gonna call?


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So I sit down at my computer after a dinner break & before I hit play I notice the playhead moving arbitrarily, on its own, like back & forth between bars 1 & 2, very erratically. Is this freaky or what? I haven't touched anything yet!


There is a ghost in my machine, or it's my personal electromagnetic field, or maybe I just live too close to Santa Fe :roll:


This isn't the first time it's happened either. Usually it's when I have left a file open on the screen for a while. I guess that is a no-no? Is there a time limit on how long it's safe to do that?


And if it behaves like this, does it mean the file is corrupted from leaving it open?

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You know, after I posted this, I searched the forum for "audio dropouts" because that's also been happening randomly, & usually either after booting up, or after leaving a file open. There was a hugely informative thread about cpu usage & handling of various background tasks possibly affecting performance. Someone even posted a script that seemed to dramatically help some users & not others. From what I can understand, it seems like if the computer is either off or idle, it starts thinking, well, maybe I can go have a cup of coffee & read the paper while they have me on hold." So when it's asked to come back & focus on Logic in real time, it can sometimes take a minute to get the computer's full attention back. Kinda like trying to get out of bed some mornings...


So anyway, I'm wondering if what I'm experiencing is the same kind of thing as it seems many others are in L8--random glitches that aren't even consistent or explainable, when first playing a file, & then after a while it settles down & plays right.


I'll see if I can post the link to that thread.

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dude, I know it can be freaky.


I had a behringer V-Amp II that was haunted. (for real, it would make noises all the time and keep me up even when it wasn't plugged in)


my Friends would all Joke because I would have to put it outside in the living room when I'd go to sleep.


anyway, finally had enough and sold that s#@t on ebay. "haunted V-amp", no reserve.

then all my problems were gone.



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