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Layering and group compressing

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Hello there,

Im looking for a way to make some kicks from different layered ones,the thing is that i usally have 3 mono audio files with 3 different kicks and i can never exceed to make it sound like one,also i cant really understand how can i group them all together to compress and eq the final grouped signal.im producing minimal techno {please dont start bombing the word minimal...im kind of bored with this..tell it as you like..}anyway and im practicing on layering kicks to achive a warm deep punchy kick that sounds in my mix all the way.it was always have been my main problem..kicks..im never satisfied,i always throw tunes at the garbage until i make a kick that sounds nice from its OWN.


thanx in advanse i hope you can help me solve this once and for all...


Also i know that acoustic treatment is a hell of a case but this is something i m planning to do when i move to a new house...



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For electronic stuff, and rock too sometimes I always put an 808 kick/sine wave underneath - UB is great for this.


an example of one way of doing this - not the right way or the only way or probably even the best way but..


load as samples a few kicks


audition them playing together - you can then play with the envelopes of each kick - start point etc


send the three kicksfor example to an aux, where you can tweak with eq comp etc then the drum mix to another bus with s#!+ loads of compression where you add just a touch for that parallel compression vibe.


only what I do but I can get good results with this - tune your beats also

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Pursuant to yofi's suggestion, you can also try adding an instrument track, load a test oscillator in the instrument slot and insert a noise gate. Sidechain the gate to a kick track or bus and adjust the attack, release and even the sidechain filters. Somewhere around 70Hz, you might find the sweet spot.


Logics Multipressor is pretty decent at adding a bit of gate in the "beater" band for better definition. You might give that a try.

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