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The equivalent of 'Recycle' in Logic Pro 8 for slicing ?


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HI. No there is nothing in Logic like recycle..Should have been for a while now..JON

Funny comment in a thread where an easy 3 step process was just described. Of course it's not exactly recycle, if you want recycle get recycle. But if you want to do the same thing as recycle in Logic, then the process described is easy and works great.

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Hi..Yeah FADER..Who wants to read a damn manual?? LOL..I love written manuals. I HATE PDF s#!+...I hope the next update to Logic actually has something significant to do with audio manipulation..Audio has always been the future..To bad Logic hasn't gotten that one yet..Since version 6 people have been waiting for anything along the lines of recycle or "elastic audio"..Hasn't happened yet..To bad that..Logic is way behind the curve in that regard..Why?? Maybe the programers just aren't up to the task> doubt it..But then again you never knows...JON
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JON, do you realize how offensive your comments are? Do you realize some of the programmers and other workers of the Logic team read those forums? How do you think you make them feel? Or do you simply not care?


If you want elastic audio, buy Pro Tools, Cubase or Live. It's out there, so if that's what you need, then get it! But once you get it, get ready to say "How come Pro Tools doesn't have offline bounce? Why do I have to stay there and wait for a full 2 hours for my movie soundtrack to be bounced when I just changed one little level with a $50,000 top of line professional rig, when $499 Logic 8 had no problem doing it?".


If you're always looking for something the software you use doesn't have, you will always find. No ONE software does it all. The reason Logic does not have elastic audio is that it has a Library, a great interface, it doesn't lock you into using proprietary (external) hardware, it has tons of customizable key commands, it has an environment, it has sample accurate automation (Pro Tools doesn't) and so on and so on.


I'm not exactly sure why everybody assumes that Logic should have ALL the features that its competitors have, ON TOP of all the features it already has, that its competitors don't have.

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