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Logic crashing after some seconds


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My logic is crashing after 5-10 seconds of playback. Looks like that there is not enough power (by looking the SPL) even if the CPU's are working no more than 40%.


It crash without any core audio error, just the screen is freezing and I have to terminate logic and restart. It happened today (last night working perfectly), and no installs or modifications since last night.


Some things I have tested:


- It happens in all my songs

- It happens both my audio card and in-build audio

- I have tried repair permissions - no results

- I have tried deleting login preferences, no results

- I have tried reinstalling Logic, Audio Drivers, Interlok extensions, no results


The only walkaround I found is creating a new user profile and running logic. This way everything works as it should.


I will appreciate any assistance!


Thank you.



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