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How to get this sound...(trance/techno)

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I'm trying to reproduce a sound that is being used in several techno/trance tracks currently.


I've tried using Sculpture, but it just sounds too organic. Then tried the ES1, but that wasn't right either.


So...any ideas as a starting point?


Heres a small sample of the sound


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No, I'm still on 7...haven't had a chance to upgrade yet. I looked through the 17 Synthesizer Leads but didn't find the Classic Trance setting....must be new to 8.




Ya, thats very close, thanks.

Now I guess I just need to layer it with something else in order to get some of the dynamics that the others have....question now is, whats the something else?

Then add some slide to various notes, and top it off with some delay and reverb....what do you guys think?

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