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Hello David! I'm located in Los Angeles. Currently in mid career, but looking for a life change to be more creative. I attended a few of your seminars a few years back. It's good to see where you've taken this passion. :) So, my question is: What's it like to be a former apple creative? Does the job entail only working at one retail location? Is the salary competitive, benefits? Thanks!
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Apple Creatives are product specialist working in Apple Retail Locations. They hold demonstrations of the many Apple software products to the general public. It's quite informative and the specialist tend to explain quite a few tips and tricks. Seems like a great job.
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Well I've never been an Apple creative, never worked in retail. In fact I've never been a full time Apple employee. I've simply been hired by Apple here and there to perform specific tasks at specific dates, that's it.


But I have a friend who is Apple creative and he seems to really like it. In fact it's taken him places, so to speak. And basically he works in an Apple Store but his job consists in helping people producing their tracks in Logic, which he seems to enjoy.

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