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Has anyone had problems with sidechaining external drives?


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Hi everyone, fairly new here, but I have been using Logic pretty successfully since 5 so I might be of some assistance at times.


My question is this... I have recently changed my setup a bit and I was wondering if anyone had feedback. I have started using a FW800 500GB 7200rpm drive as a audio drive with another FW 800 drive sidechained for BFD and other samples, as well as backups to the main audio disk. The reason for this is that I am often out of the main studio on my MacBook Pro and I want to keep mobile.


I have not had any performance issues as of yet, but I haven't pushed the system with high track count performances. I do a lot of recording on the road, and usually my songs have a large number of audio files with associated effects. I would like to keep things plug and play on the external drives. Does anyone out there have any performance issues with a similar setup with larger projects?

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