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Any WaveBurner experts?

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I'm finishing off a 41-minute no-gaps piece, which I intend to load up in WB just to set the track markers and burn from there.

I've been doing some testing and have encountered the following problems (the Apple discussion forum hasn't proved too useful).


1. The zoom-in is pretty inadequate to really see where you're inserting the markers. Is there any way to do it with more precission, like inputing numbers somewhere?


2. WB fails to write the CD-Text info. I've set all the text individually for each track, and also from the cd text icon at the toolbar + checked the box in Preferences->Burn.

My iMac's SuperDrive supports it, and so do my hi-fi and car players. None of them show the text.


3. WB doesn't see my audio interface. Only the built-in output. It doesn't really matter because I'm not mastering, just setting markers, but I wonder what's wrong.


any suggestions?

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