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A midi project without tempo? Is this possible?


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I'm working with Logic 7.2.3 and 3 yr old G5 after a break from Logic of a few years. I'm hoping, this time around to streamline my set up and anything that can be done in Logic, I want to use Logic for, rather than shifting between Live, PT. Reason etc... Here's what I want to do.


Create a project using a bunch of harware keyboards and AU plug-in synths, and delay units, without having a tempo to start with.

Maybe I'd like to figure out a tempo later, but, from a creative POV I want to play the piano, or whatever instrument, and fiddle around with echos to create something I like the sound of, and then be able to record it, as midi data, without first figuring out the tempo. I want the time line to be SMPTE and I don't want any plug ins to be affected by any tempo settings. If there are some that must read tempo, I'm happy not to use them. I know my PSP 42 and 84 will work using Old School milisecond displays...

I appreciate that making loops, etc from tracks recorded this way may be slightly time consuming, but I have worked this way in the past with hardware looping machines, and for certain types of compostion I prefer it.


Any thoughts? I have searched the forum and I see nothing.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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The song has always a tempo. The only thing you can do is to ignore it. Switch the metronome off and look into any direction but the screen. Most plugins can run with or without syncing.

If you want to assign tempos and beats later, you can use the Beat Mapping function that will help you build a rhythmic measure around your records without changing the audible result.

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