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Which sample works best in Logic 8

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I am in the market to purchase a sampler Plug in. I have been looking at

MachFive 2 - Motu




Could yall share your experiences with these products and which one has less issues and is most compatible with Logic?


I assume all the sounds qualities are good enuff for me and what I do. i am looking for usability, compatibility and a sample set that is geared towards Rock,Country, Jazz and world percussion.

no hip hop or RNB sounds are needed.


Thanks all in Advance

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i am looking for usability, compatibility . . .


Perhaps you could tell us how EXS24 is not meeting your needs? Then it would be a lot easier to recommend a possible alternative. As far as compatibility and reliability, you're not going to beat the EXS.

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It doesn't sound like you need another sampler. I gather by what you said that you need more sounds for the sampler you have.


The instruments that come to mind used by the Rock and Country genres you mentioned are primarily drums, electric bass, piano, acoustic and electric guitars, steel guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin and dobro. There are some excellent drum, bass, and piano samples out there that can be used in your ESX. But when it comes to trying to emulate the other stringed instruments mentioned, forget it. There just aren't many available. and thats probably due to lack of demand and the fact that even if the sample is good, the articulations necessary to make them sound authentic just can't be executed on a midi keyboard controller. though i would like to see someone try to construct a good steel guitar. it might be usable. especially considering how hard they are to learn to play.


As far as world percussion, have you checked out MOTU's Ethnos. Its pretty impressive. you'll have to paste this in because i don't know how to do links yet. http://www.motu.com/products/software/ethno/



good luck

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Have you considered purchasing some sample sets compatible with the EXS24? Are there features that you need that MachFive or Kontakt have, that the EXS doesn't?


I have some of the ProSamples volumes, and they're pretty good:





YEP thats what I needed was the sample libraries. I read alot about exs24 today it does do alot not as much as sampletank does at least from what I can tell I am not a sample guru but it will work for me especially since I allready paid for it. : )

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