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Best expression pedal for MIDI performance

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Hello all on this board...


I have been using a trusty Roland EV5 expression pedal for many years, and it has always done me well. However, lately I've been finding that the resolution of the input into Logic seems a bit...stepped. It doesn't create as smooth of curves up and down as I would like and on certain patches, it sounds downright jittery, causing me to spend time smoothing out those swells so they sound natural.


So my question is: has anyone upgraged from the EV5 to something they thought was better? I tried a Rocktron and hated it. It had less depth in the angle than the EV5 and it stood too tall off the ground (only have so many inches to spare under my desk).


Suggestions for pedals that give higher resolution in Logic? Line6 EX1? Yamaha FC7? EV7? Boss FV-500H?


Gracias, mi amigos.

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