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A few problems


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Is there anybody experiencing these problems or have a solution?:



1. The note length in the score not always has the same length in the matrix (piano roll) {i enter notes via step input keyboard and modify them when necessary with the kc increase note length by division (usually 16)}


2. The note position in the score not always has the same position in the matrix (piano roll), although i copy and paste at original position. (the position from the original note differs from the pasted one)


3. Many times when i select a note in the score, the inspector don't show me '1 note selected' instead he shows me 'insert defaults' (i need to close the project, reopen it and then it works until i hide / unhide the parameters)


4. I've tried to modify default kc and i can see the modification in the key commands window but they still respond to the default kc, not to the one i created.


5. Logic changes the tempo frequently to 120.


6. When i choose channel 2 for example in the step input keyboard it stills enter notes in channel 1.





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