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Logic Pro 8 and Roland Groovebox MC-808


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I am trying to get the proper midi setup for the Roland MC-808 to work within Logic. I am not using the USB interface as that has been giving me problems that were confusing. I am running the MC808 via Midi in and out cables from my USB 8x8 Midisport. In the audio midi setup, I have the Midisport patched to the icon for the 808. In logic, it receives and transmits to and from the 808 as expected. My problem is coming with the actual setup to be able to do more than just use the keys on the 808 to play notes into logic.


I make 16 external midi instrument tracks, call them MC808 1 - 16, and assign each to 1 channel of the multi-instrument. When I click on each track, it will play the sound that is on that channel within the MC808, again like expected.


That's as far as I can get. What I want to be able to do is be able to change sounds (patches) in Logic by sending control messages to the 808. So far, I can make it change sound to anything within the 1st back of 128 sounds. If I try to select another bank, it makes the 808 goto "000" and no sounds play until i turn a knob on the 808 and reset it. I am sending control 32 commands which is what the book for the 808 says to use to change sound banks.


Maybe I can make this question a bit more direct : Does anyone know who to set the MC-808 up so i can have the most control over it from within logic? (ie : change sounds, tempo, have the 808 start playing when i press play in logic, access filters...etc..... I want full control over the 808)???? I basically need someone to step me through the midi set up for maximum control over the 808.


thanks in advace if you can help!!!

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