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D/A Problem


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Hi folks!


I recently bought an Apogee AD 16X with a view to getting a MiniDac or a Rosetta 200 pretty soon for the D/A

I can utilize 8 channels of it's conversion into Logic and Protools via the ADAT input on my 002R which is fine for the moment.

However as I can get 16 channels into Logic with the X series expansion card i have installed I'm looking for a meantime workaround to get some D/A for this setup.

The Apogee has advanced option routing which outputs 2 channels to a lightpipe port for connecting to outboard D/A which I'll be doing soon.

But I can't help but feel I can somehow utilize the built in Audio on my mac for the D/A somehow.

I've tried Jack Audio Router as an insert on Output 1-2 and it shows up in the routing pane of Jack for a few seconds then crashes.

I've also tried Soundflower which describes my needs exactly on it web page but I just cant make it work.

If anyone is achieving this kind of thing, I'd love to hear how you're doing it!

My setp is a G5 Quad PPC,Digi002r,Apogee AD16X with firewire expansion,Logic Pro 7 (Latest update)


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If I understand you correctly, all you need to do is open Audio MIDI Setup, create an Aggregate audio device out of both your Digi002 and the built-in audio outputs (you can search this site for "aggregate" to get instructions) and then in Logic's audio preferences choose that aggregate device as the audio device.


You will then be able to choose the Digi002 for your inputs and the built-in output for your outputs.

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Thanks for the reply David


This Aggregate device option sounds logical but I've had a few goes with various setups to no avail


The 002R works well as A/D and D/A with Logic allowing the standard 8 channels of DIGI conversion 8, more over lightpipe and 2 over SPDIF no worries there.


Only I'm not interested in tracking with the 002R any longer.


The Apoggee is selectable in the Logic Audio drivers window and I get the full 16 channels of Apogee conversion in over Firewire no probs


I just need to somehow route the Master channels 1-2 in Logic to the built in Audio on my Mac for monitoring while multitracking becuase the only D/A the Apogee offers is optical ie to a MiniDac or suchlike.


Weirdly the 002R refuses to show up in the Aggregate device setup pane(the DIGI curse perhaps) and when I combine the Apogee with the built in audio as a single device I get only strange singular mono options for inputs and outputs in Audio/MIDI setup.


But thanks for the tip on the Aggregate concept/option..I'll keep at it

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O.K I've just found some threads on the DUC which suggest DIGI hardware is not available for this purpose...wow! they sure like to keep things sewn up huh?


Still It should be possible to get outputs 1-2 out of Logic and routed to the built in Audio surely?


Here are some screenshots of my doomed attempt at an Aggregate device of this kind.....


When I select the Aggregate device in Logics Audio drivers pane I get input signal just fine, but nothing from headphones plugged into the front of my G5 with the Adio volume up...


The search continues...


P.S monitoring through built in audio is just a stopgap measure for a couple of weeks until I get some hardware D/A


Any help much appreciated








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