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Vote on the better tone

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I decided to put this question in this forum because I want to purchase an amp simulator but I dont know which one I like better.


There are 2 tracks here both of them are 1 off recording and no editing just played and recorded.


If you have time please critique them and let me know which is better. After a few days I will let yall know which is which.

THanks everybody and NO laughing at my improved solo.


Everything is on the same guitar its my Favorite Crafted in Japan Telecaster directly into a Motu Traveler. Nothing else


Song Name = AMPSIM



Song Name = Ajam




Here is another I changed the solo tone abit



THanks everybody

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First one for the solo, second one for the chords. Tough decision... (did you change pickups though?)

The second one reminds me a bit of AC/DC's Ballbreaker tone.

Hey thanks for listening. I didnt change the pickups. If your still online check out cjam tell me what you think of that solo tone.



I should redo that solo man I flubbed a few in there DOHHHHH!!!

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Okay the answers are


#1 is Guitar Amp Pro


#2 Amplitube


#3 Both Amplitube and Gap in the same channel


Thanks all


My favorite is the Amplitube version. WHY?? Because GAP seemed to be really warm by itself but when I added in bass I ended up having to alter alot of Guitar Frequencies to slot the bass into a place that fit. With Amplitube it was all ready to go. Of course you could adjust all that in GAP but it still sounded a little fake to me.

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