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WD MyBookPro 1 TB World Ed. II Gigabit Ethernet External HDD

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Didn't see your post until today. If you haven't already bought one, read the following link before you do:




That'd make me a real hard-sell for the product. Could even put me off Western Digital strictly on principle.


I took a close look at a 1TB MyBook about a month back. My history with Western Digital equipment is mixed. Over the course of owning nearly a dozen WD drives, one was DOA and another died within a week. The rest of 'em worked as expected, and still do. Finally decided to buy a LaCie Extreme 1TB instead of the MyBook. It has the same interfaces as the MyBook, and was a little less expensive (got it from MacMall). It has worked without a burble on my FW800 connection so far. I only use it for back-ups, however, so haven't pushed it, at all.

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