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Tuning Issues revisited


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I posted a while ago about bass tuning issues. But here's my problem.


In the past, I've always pulled up the Rhodes in Logic and tuned my guitars by ear to the Rhodes before recording, and it has worked out great. But on this new song I'm recording, I'm going to be sending it to a guitarist who will add a solo, AND I'm using a real bass on the track. So I have two tuners - the one built into my POD II, and the tuner built into Logic. But they're DIFFERENT. A note in tune on one is NOT in tune on the other. Hmm.


So then I decide to see what the Rhodes is. The RHODES is NOT IN TUNE when using Logic's own tuning tool! Well, actually, some notes are in tune and some are not. It's some kind of stretch tuned or something...

Question - Since I'm sending this to another player, what should I tune my guitar and bass to? The POD II? Logic's tuner? Any advice appreciated.

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