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How do you use Logic's plug ins?


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Hi all


Just curious to see how some of you use the built in plug ins with Logic. Especially the distortion and modulation ones. Any specific uses... channel strip configurations...


Have a good one.


All of Logic's plugs (and even quite a few of GB's) are fantastic and you can get very good results with them. In fact it was one of the main reasons I chose Logic in the beginning. The ensemble plug is a favorite of mine and lately the match eq has been getting a lot of burn as well. I was hellbent on Guitar Rig 3 even after owning Logic for two + years but stayed with GAP in the end because it's just so good.


That said, I would drop the multipressor and the limiter in a New York minute for this little bad boy:



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I like the EQ and Compressor. real easy to get to and easy to use. although, I still haven't figured out the full power of the compressor. I usually just use the platinum circuit setting for it. I can't hear a huge difference yet (my ears aren't that good) and i'd like to know what the different settings mean, or what they are modelled after.


I like the bit crusher every now and then, but it can be a little harsh sometimes.

the other distortions I don't really use. would love to have a nice tube warmer/distortion in there. (I used to have antares tube, but they don't have it for intel macs)


I like the ringshifter too, in small doses. steve horelick has a good tutorial on making the ringshifter kind of like a vocal doubler that really opened my eyes to it.


I like the stereo delay, delay designer is awesome. space designer-good.


good call on the Match EQ. amazingly cool plug.


I don't know, what do you like, they all have their purpose I guess, but those are ones that I like and use most.





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I've noticed that an easy way to really tell the difference with the Circuit types on the Compressor is when using it on a bass line with a side chained 4/4 kick.


  • Platinum - Seems to be a slower release compressor setting. Doesn't recover as quickly as other settings On 2:1 ratio it bounces between 2-3 db compression with a fast release and a sidechained kick.
  • Class A - Seems to be a little more responsive than Platinum, but adds a bit of harmonic distortion. Seems to make Bass lines a bit "fatter"
  • Class U - Seems to be the same responsiveness as Class A, but adds even more "fatness".
  • VCA - Also seems to be "analog" in nature (which would make sense consideting the name). Seems to have a convex release curve so when it recovers it does so exponentionally. Adds a bit of harmonic distortion.
  • FET - Haven't used this one yet.
  • Opto - Super fast resonse. In my usage it'll bounce between -8 and -12 db compression from the sidechain.


Of course these are just my impressions on how it reacts when working with my material. Obviously the compressor will react differently depending on what type of material you are using it on, but I can definitely see a big difference between the circuit types. The circuit types are super useful for me, I'm lovin' it.

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Great! thanks for the Input.


do you use the different circuits for other things than sidechains,

if so what?


If Class AR and Class A U add some fatness, I could see how that would be useful on vocals and bass.


anyone else have any comments?



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